Pyramid Property

2015 Exploration Program:

The 2015 program aimed to expand and refine the geochemical anomalies on the MT zone, provide detailed rock sampling on the MT and East zones, provide a geologic map for the MT zone, extend and refine the IP geophysical coverage at the MT and Central zones, and provide initial IP geophysical surveying at the East zone. The program included:

  • 1:5000 geological mapping of the MT zone
  • Volterra 3D IP survey (29.1km) over the MT and Central zones (SJ Geophysics)
  • Volterra 2D IP survey (5.0km) over the East zone (SJ Geophysics)
  • 983 soil samples and 236 rock samples
  • The building of a fly camp located 2km south of the MT zone.

pyramid zone map

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2014 Exploration Program

The 2014 survey aimed to extend the geochemical anomalies on the Chicken’s Neck Mountain Microwave Tower Zone (MT) zone, provide infill data on the Central Zone, follow up anomalous rocks at the East Zone, and provide a better understanding of the property geology. The program included:

  • Volterra 3D IP survey (32.3km) over the Central and MT zones (SJ Geophysics)
  • Prospecting and mapping (1:5000).
  • 695 soil samples, 3 stream sediment samples, 33 rock samples

2013 Exploration Program

The initial exploration program consisted of:

  • 408 line km aeromagnetic/radiometric survey (Geotech)
  • Prospecting/geological mapping
  • 1059 soil samples, 93 stream sediment samples, and 19 rock samples