Pyramid Property


The Pyramid project is located within the Quesnel Terrane which is known to host Cu-Au porphyry deposits.

At a regional scale, the Quesnel Terrane is an island arc environment analogous to the modern day Philippines. The regional geology consists of Takla Group volcanosedimentary rocks that have been intruded by multiple phases of dioritic rocks.

The property geology is reflective of the regional geology with Takla Group marine sedimentary and volcanic rocks that have been intruded by several phases of Late Triassic-Early Jurassic diorites and quartz diorites. The most advanced zone on the property (MT Zone) consists of two phases of diorites. Mineralization occurs in both the porphyritic and megacrystic phases.

Alteration on the property mostly represents a distal porphyry environment with propylitic alteration. Stronger and more proximal silica alteration is widespread around zones of mineralization. The MT zone contains a large area (1km x 3km) of disseminated low grade chalcopyrite mineralization.

pyramid property geology

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